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Beau Golfs A Lot Turns TWO! Master's Tournament Toddler Birthday Party!


 All party sources will be linked at the bottom of this post. 

Wow...2018 has flown by, and I'll be's been a really hard year for us. There has been a lot of heartache, challenges, setbacks, swallowing of pride,  and plain ol' crappy luck, BUT! and the biggest BUT of all...there's always a bright side to these kind of seasons. It has pushed us outside of our comfort zones, and has forced us to lean on God in all areas of our lives. The most positive and best part of this year has been raising Beau and watching him grow into his own little person. He is seriously the coolest kid. I can't believe I get the honor of being his mama. He's a mess, he's stubborn, he's smart, he's BUSY, he's so so sweet, and the boy is really good at golf. Haha. No, but really. OKAY, so I sound like one of those Mom's that are like, "My kid is the best at this and that, and Oh my baby is this and that." Okay, sue me, but don't be surprised if you see him on the PGA Tour someday okay? :) ;)

In all seriousness, Drew is really good at golf, and he loves the sport. My brother got a golf scholarship in college to play, and my Dad was also really good at it. I can hit a ball pretty hard, but it doesn't go straight most of the time. I'll take it. All of that said, it was only natural that Drew introduced our little Beau man to the sport this year because it's in HIS BLOOD haha. I remember watching him buy his first set of plastic clubs, and he LOVED them. He wouldn't put them down. He was constantly playing with them, and watching Drew so carefully and attentively when he would show him how to hit the ball. Fast forward to trying to figure out what theme to do for his party this year, and this just seemed like the easiest option. We had a completely different idea for his party for the first part of the year, but after seeing him take such a liking to golf, we couldn't resist. After last year's party, I promised myself that we would end up at Chuck-E-Cheez or Gattiland... Well, my creative heart just couldn't do it. Maybe next year? :) We will see.

My main goal for this party was that I wanted to spend a lot less moola and make it much easier than last. The good news is we didn't have to completely redo our backyard like we did last year. We wanted a smaller, more intimate and casual party, and because of the challenges we were facing during and around his birthday, I had no choice but to go a little (a little, I said) less crazy. We big time budgeted and made most of the things for his birthday party out of the wood and supplies we already had from past projects around our house. This helped us a bunch, especially because I always go overboard (always have!) and that naturally forced us to get creative. I'm really thankful for my friend Tori who was generous and let me borrow her Cricut. I had never used one before, so let's just say that was the biggest pain in the bootay of the whole party. BUT, without it, I wouldn't have been able to pull off this party the way I envisioned.

The theme we chose for this year was the Master's Tournament. Beau watched the tournament alongside Drew this past April and we kept cracking up at how much he actually appeared to be paying attention it.  I am weird, I realize this, but I tried to make his party as close to the actual tournament as possible. Meaning, I googled all of the Master's Invitations, logos, badges, images and signage from 2018 and tried to replicate them.

Here is where my inspiration came from:

The flags, the logos, the invitations, the badges/tickets, etc.

 The food and signage:

The green jacket, the scoreboard, the clubhouse, the clubhouse entrance...

Our Outfits and the Hanger: 

Here's a little behind the scenes: It rained on us a lot when trying to build things and Drew's work schedule really made it hard to squeeze in these projects, but we made it happen! The first photo is spray painting all the signage. We had all the wood already, so we just bought the dark green spray paint from Home Depot. The white paint we also had from our kitchen remodel. The second photo is just of Drew's set up haha. The third photo is us trying to size up the small club house. The fourth photo are the badges we sent out with the invitations. The 5th photo is Drew building the mini golf hole. And the 6th photo is just the collection of things we were making along the way. 

Our invite: I ordered the paper off of Amazon, found font that matched as close as I could to the original Master's Tournament font, made the invites in photoshop, and printed them off. I got the plastic badge covers from Office Max. We obviously had to put a spin on words and use BEAUgusta instead of Augusta. How could we not? 

The day of his party was a rainy, overcast day, so we had to move most of his party inside. That wasn't a part of the plan, because you know I LOVE ME SOME OUTDOOR PARTIES but it is what it is! :) 

The Entrance: Drew built the signage because he's freakin' hot like that. I made all the font and signage in photoshop and printed it out on the Cricut. The balloons are from Party City, and the flags are off of Amazon. The yellow flowers are from Home Depot. We tried to place them in the shape of the United States, like they plant them in front of the clubhouse in Augusta. The flags are off of Amazon as well, and again, I made those logos in Photoshop and printed them off the Cricut. At the front door there was a stand that had a basket of the badges to put on as you entered our house. We sent them in every invite as well. I QUICKLY painted the clubhouse the morning of the party by hand. I had about 20 minutes to do it, hence the messy look, but it ended up kind of looking like the clubhouse on the badges so I wasn't mad about it. 

When you entered the house, you saw this: Happy Gilmore was on the TV, I was probably eating, and the gift station. Drew made the Leader's sign out of wood, I painted it, and then stuck letters on it from a light up marquee sign (these were from Michaels) with hot glue. Finished it up by putting balloons from Party City around it. 

The Cake & Cookies: We got the cake and cupcakes from HEB. We ordered the cookies from the WONDERFUL and talented Mindy from Mindy's Bake Shop. Seriously, she made THE most perfect cookies. They tasted just as good and amazing as they looked, too! I could not recommend her baking services enough. She's also super sweet! Fitting right!? :) 

The Golf balls and Golf Carts are from Amazon. The table cloths were rented from Marquee Events. The cupcake holders are from last years DIY where we hot glued a plate and bowl from Target together. The plates and cake stand are from things we have had around our house. The clear little stands are also from Amazon.

Drew made the Donut Stand with Materials from Home Depot. The sign is spray painted wood and the font was made on the circuit. I had the hardest time finding a green jacket for Beau. I looked and looked and searched and searched. I found one toddler's masters green jacket from Etsy that someone had made but it was $99.00 and I just couldn't spend that on a jacket...especially one that he would never wear again. I was getting desperate though and I was running out of time the week OF his party, and still had not found a green jacket. I spent so much time on Amazon looking for one, and NOTHING. Then on Wednesday, I decided to search again on Amazon, and a toddler 2T green jacket popped up. It was the weirdest thing. HOW!? WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN GREEN JACKET!?!?!? I ordered it immediately, and found a guy out of Houston on Ebay that sold replica Master's badges. Got it rushed to my house, and ironed that baby on. Bada bing, bada boom. We had a jacket. By the hair of our chinny chin chins!

The donuts are from the one and only, Round Rock Donuts.

We had Beau's photo blown up at Walgreens, I put it in my bridal portrait frame that I already had, and borrowed the frame stand from my Mamaw. The number 2 balloon and green and yellow balloons are all from Party City.

The high chair (we have had this forever now) is from IKEA. We got the flags on it from Party City, and I printed out the BEAU letters on the Cricut. Balloons, again, from Party City. 

The Food: We wanted to put a fun spin on the food and make it golf related. This isn't all the food that is served at Augusta, and there's also food here that isn't served at Augusta, period. Just thought it was fun and appropriate and EASY. AKA we didn't make the food. We ordered the chicken and club sandwiches from Chick FIL A, the Pimento Cheese sandwiches from Jason's Deli, the salad from Olive Garden, and my beautiful sister in law put together the Fruit "Par"-Faits with yogurt and fruit from H-E-B. The sign is a mini replica we made from the sign at Augusta with a few changes. The mini golf flags in the sandwiches were toothpicks from Amazon. The little cups/forks/spoons for the Par-faits and Wedge Salads were from Party City. The plates were also from Party City. 

The drink station was pretty simple. We got the tea and lemonade from Chick-Fil-A. We got the big clear plastic drink dispensers from Amazon. I made the signs with wood, paint and the cricut. The yellow straws and the green cups are from Amazon. I made all the little logos on the cricut to put on the green cups. Y'ALL. THAT WAS SO DUMB OF ME. NEVER AGAIN. That took HOURS upon HOURS to do. It was wayyyy too tedious. I might have said a few curse words when making them. You would have too, trust me. Haha. Do yourself a favor and have them ordered like this instead. 

Outside we had the "Watering Hole" and the "19th Hole" for everyone. AKA beer for the adults and water for everyone who well, wanted water haha. I'm getting tired doing this blog post can you tell? :)   I printed Beau's logo on the water labels that I got off of Amazon. 

Also, the best part of the day was seeing Drew try to get into the white caddy suit I ordered for us. The website said "34" and I thought that meant GUY PANT SIZE. Well... it didn't. It was SO small. Poor guy got a front and back wedgie when he tried to put it on. HAHAHAHAHA I almost peed my pants trying to see him make it work, but there was no way he could wear it in front of anyone. Just no way. LOL. So, my friend Jenni wore it instead with me. We DID get a photo of us wearing it together though. Notice how short his pants are hahahahahahahaha! Such a good sport that Drew Drew Hot Pants! :) We used the Cricut to make the NELSON and the logo on the front of the suits, too, BTW! And I quickly photoshopped (aka a poor editing job) his wedgie a bit so it wouldn't be all up in your faces. 

Beau won his Green Jacket and trophy (from Party City) so we celebrated with cake YOU KNOW! We made the Leader sign for the backyard with wood, paint and printed the letters/numbers off of the Cricut.



Then we opened gifts! 

After we opened presents, the kiddos played outside some more. We had a toddler sized bouncy house we ordered on Amazon, they chipped shots out of the sand trap aka, they just played with sand haha, and they hit a few balls on the golf course...aka hit balls off the golf hole Drew built - which is short for the adults dodged millions of golf balls that were coming directly at everyone's faces.

The guests and kids all went home with a new set of plastic golf clubs and a goody box. We got the golf clubs from a party website online and I made the little tags off my computer printer. The yellow boxes and the Golf rings are from Amazon.  I printed Beau's logo on some pre-made circle stickers to put on the boxes. I also got those off of Amazon. The crinkle cut green paper (aka grass), the mini trophies, and white chocolate balls are from Party City.  The Moon Pies were found at Cracker Barrel in a last minute hunt. 

After the party, we gave Beau his Golf Cart from my Mom and us. He loved it so much. And I continued to obnoxiously take a million photos of him having fun. MAJOR photo overload that I won't be sorry about in 3...2...1...

Happy Happy Birthday Baby Boy! We love you so so much and can't wait to watch you from the Master's Tournament stands one day, God willing. You make us so proud already by just being perfectly, and uniquely YOU. 

We started a silly instagram account for Beau's golfing adventures. Feel free to follow along at @beaugolfsalot! 

Party Sources

3. Cricut
10. Cookies!
13. Plastic Golf Clubs (cheapest I could find!)
24. Bubbles
25. Golf Cart Car (we got ours for cheaper at Walmart but they are currently unavailable. For some reason they don't look to be carrying a ton anymore!)

If you would like any of my photoshop files for your own party, please e-mail me at and put "Golf Party Files" in the subject line!