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Hi Y'all! :)

I hope you are all having a wonderful Tuesday. I am already ready for the weekend, but that's besides the case ;)

We are inching closer and closer to the actual WEDDING posts, but I didn't want to leave out my wedding showers or bachelorette party!

I had two wedding showers, and both were so amazing. I have the best group of family and friends a girl could ever ask for. The first shower was held by my family and my bridesmaids. It was black and white polka dot themed too ;)

The second shower was held by the wonderful group of ladies at Andrew's church (where we got married). The love and support they showed throughout the process is something I will never forget. I'm incredibly lucky.


I will post about the crazy bachelorette party tonight. Then for real, I will FINALLY get to March 28th, 2009...The most amazing day EVERRR! Haha! ;)



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  1. What great pictures and your cake is FABULOUS!!! Loving the yellow belt on you against the black and looked beautiful at both showers! What fun looking back on all of these!

    Liesl :)

  2. your outfits are so cute!! i can't wait to see the bachelorette pictures :)

  3. Such cute pics!! I'm loving the yellow belt and earrings with that black and white dress!! It looks like you had tons of fun!

  4. Gorgeous photos :) That cake is AMAZING! You too are so cute :)

  5. I love your shower outfit as well!! And the cake looks delicious!! Can't wait to hear about the big day:)

  6. Love the pictures and your cute dresses! Looks like y'all got lots of great gifts :)

  7. Wow that cake looks awesome! Looks like you guys got some great stuff too!

  8. I love your outfits and those cakes look AMAZING! =)

  9. I love that you've started from the beginning and are taking us through your relationship! Can't wait to see more :)

    I just gave you an award!

  10. I've started digging into your blog girl and I'm loving it!! Maybe you can start posting on my blog sometimes..

  11. Hello Lovely!

    I'm hosting my first GIVEAWAY! If you're interested, feel free to check out my blog for more details. Good luck! :)



  12. So lucky to have such giving friends and family! And isnt being married the best!?!