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Rehearsal Dinner #


The week of my wedding was absolutely CRAZY busy, which was to be expected. My best friend from California came in a week early to help me with the finishing touches. Without her, I don't know if I would have got it all done ;) (hiii Danielle!) <---She reads, but doesn't follow. I've been trying to talk her into getting a blog because she's pretty much amazing and I know you guys would all adore her.

Anyways, moving on. Here are some facts about the wedding:

We had 10 bridesmaids and 10 groomsmen.
The colors were black and white.
My Mom was my Maid of Honor, and my other bff Hilary was my co-Maid of Honor.
My brother walked me down the aisle.
We had A LOT of bumps in the road during this wedding...such as, (I hope I don't sound like Miss Teen South Carolina) ;) ordering a wedding dress that I found in the bridal magazine I worked for, hating it on me when it came in, and getting my final wedding dress off the rack (but LOVED it!)...Our original florist STOLE $1000 from us and dropped off the face of the earth (long story), changing our reception venue LAST minute (another long story)...and there were other little things...

But, what's a wedding without a few bumps in the road? :)

The church we got married in was the church my husband grew up in and has been a member of his whole life. His church meant everything to him, and well, my church from my hometown is tiny and I moved to California for a long time, so when I came back I had only attended a church in my college town. When we first started planning our wedding I asked him if there was one thing that he absolutely wanted in this wedding, what would it be.

He said he wanted to get married in his, we did. :)

His church is GIGANTIC so I had to prepare for the church to look empty even though I know the people who mattered would be there. I'm telling you, it's HUGEEEEEEEE. We only invited 200 people and the church holds...a million. Ha, I really don't know, but it's a lot. Probably 1200 people maybe?


Regardless, it's a beautiful church, and I am so glad I got to get married there. The members of the church are so wonderful, and are all great, great people. His parents also run the special ed sunday school program. (That is my most favorite place to be on a Sunday! :))

Anyway, our rehearsal dinner was in downtown Lufkin at this place called Manhattan Fine Dining. It's Italian, and it was literally a few blocks from the church, and only a few blocks from the reception venue.
We stayed up until 4:30 in the morning decorating. I know, HORRIBLE is right. We were all exhausted, but I can honestly say I have some of the most amazing friends and family a girl could ever ask for. We did ALL the decorating ourselves. From top to bottom. The next morning we were all dragging and looked like zombie divas. LOL.

Stay tuned. The wedding day posts are next. FINALLY. I know...You don't have to say it.

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  1. yay!! We have similar stories -- I decorated the ENTIRE reception space -- we didn't bring in vendors for that. I had the groomsmen and the Husband decorate the ceremony area =)

  2. I will prob have that many bridesmaids too and I also want my colors to be black and white! Lufkin, TX???? I went to college like 30 minutes away from there. Spent a ton of time in Lufkin

  3. That was my husbands only request too was to get married in his church and I happily obliged beings we had a new pastor in our church so I didn't really feel a connection there my church is tiny!

    We also did all the decorating ourselves too!

  4. Aww you look so beautiful! I can't believed you stayed up so late. I would be so tired :) Can't wait to see the wedding day post!