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All my bags are packed...& Guest VLOG with Sabrina.


and I'm ready to goooooooo.


...Cause I'm leavinggggg on a (big fat scaryyyy) jet plane...don't know when I'll be back again...(Actually, I get back next Saturday haha). Can you say a prayer too for us? I really, REALLY hate flying. Thank you ;)

While I'm away on vacation, I asked some of my favorite bloggers and FRIENDS to do some guest posts for me.

Y'all trust me when I say this. You really shouldn't skip out on what is coming. These ladies are absolutely drop dead gorgeous (it really isn't fair) and of course, hysterical. They couldn't have done a better job I tell ya! I am so excited to share this "series" with you!

My first guest blogger is the beautiful Sabrina from Sabrina Says. I was so happy when she agreed to do a guest post for me because she pretty much rocks my socks off. Luckily for me, I get to meet her in September and I couldn't be more excited! She is absolutely darling. Don't believe me? Well check this out...


Told you so. Aren't you smitten? :)

Be sure to check out her blog. She always has the cutest posts, she can play the stinkin' guitar (so jealous), she's super fashionable, and she vlogs regularly. I'd say you best go follow her now.

Be sure to check back tomorrow. I have another awesome lady that you HAVE to meet.



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  1. Sabrina is guest posting for me today too! so obviously I love her BUT I can't watch her vlog at work.. I mean I could but I don't have headphones, and I kinda want a job here so need people to not think I'm crazy.

    I am DYING over those pics of you... could you be cuter?


  2. I just found her blog yesterday and lloooove it!! Seriously. DOn't know why I didn't see her blog sooner. :) Have a BLAST on your vacation Shalyn!!

  3. You crack me up! Have a great trip!!

  4. your blog is FABULOUS! found you via Gentri!


  5. wow sabrina is ALL over bloggy world today!

    absolutely killed it with those kanye lyrics. NICE JOB sista!!

    im also very scared of flying so I'll say a lil prayer for you girrl!

    have a blast!

  6. Have a great trip!!!!! You make an adorable luggage accessory, btw!! :)

  7. Just found your blog and I'm already loving this guest post so I look forward to the rest (and to your return!!!) Flying is one of my biggest fears so I totally feel your pain!

  8. baahahaha Holy cow Sabrina ... you really did that... amazing!

  9. Just founds Sabrinas blog and am loving it- and those pictures of you crack me up!